Our Story

Since 1994, OptiMate high performance battery chargers have extended life and improved performance of AGM, GEL & STD lead-acid and LiFePO4 lithium batteries. OptiMate is trusted by over 15 major vehicle & performance battery OEMs and millions of happy vehicle / craft / equipment owners world-wide, not only for OptiMate’s unmatched reliability, but also for its unique performance features that include Ampmatic current control that adjusts charge rate to battery size and condition, pulsed final charging that effectively equalize cells without overcharging, 24-7 ‘connect and forget’ maintenance that guarantee batteries are always ready to deliver and for those who forgot to charge their batteries, OptiMate’s unique battery saving method recovers dead-flat batteries other chargers can’t. OptiMate’s fully automatic, energy saving, plug-in-anywhere (100-240V) electronics do it the ECO-friendly way – delivering best performance with the most efficient use of energy.

OptiMate Accessories range include battery testers, USB products, cables and connectors, all of premium quality and reliability.

All OptiMate products are designed by TecMate, who continuously strive to improve existing product design and bring new unique products to life. OptiMate is a registered trademark.