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car and portable car battery chargers: OptiMate 7 Select and OptiMate Lithium 4s 10A battery charger

Best Car Battery Charger

The OptiMate High Performance Battery Charger lineup has the perfect battery charger for every car fitted with either a Pb (lead-acid) battery or an advanced & lighter LiFePO4 (Lithium LFP) starter battery. EV vehicles (Tesla, Porsche Taycan, Hyundai IONIQ/KONA etc.) also have a 12V auxiliary battery (Pb or LFP) that requires charging & maintenance when the vehicle is stored and the main battery is not under charge, or if the main battery is charged at low power.

All OptiMate battery chargers share three features

Green power technology with 50% or less electricity used (compared to our competitors) to charge a battery,

Automatic ‘connect and forget’ operation after making connection to the battery, and,

A unique and proven ‘no supervision required’ 24-7 maintenance program that monitors the battery and delivers only needed charge to keep it healthy, guaranteeing longer battery life and more battery power. OptiMate battery chargers can be left connected for many months at a time.

Some of the advanced models have special features, including

Ampmatic – standard in all chargers that deliver 6 Amps and higher; charge current is automatically adapted to match battery size and condition – a smaller battery gets less, a larger battery gets more!

Temperature regulation – OptiMate 6 and 7 series for lead-acid batteries adjust charge voltage match ambient temperature – higher when colder, lower when hotter! OptiMate Lithium battery chargers protects lithium batteries sensitive to extreme temperatures, by reducing charge current below 0°C (32°F) and above 45°C (113°F) and interrupting charge below -20°C (-4°F) & above 55°C (131°F).

Powersupply / TUNE mode – Stable 13.6V power that provide the best environment to troubleshoot an electrical fault, upload a new ignition map or set up electronic modes and personal vehicle settings, without fear that the battery may run flat when the engine is not running.

OptiMate has categorized their battery chargers into 5 SERIES that make it easy for you to choose the right charger for your vehicle.


Gold Series portable car battery charger for sports car

Automotive Gold Series

gold corner on battery charger
🛠️ Advanced
⚙️ Selectable, most features
Save, test, charge & maintain

The ultimate tool for vehicle battery care, the Gold Series car battery charger series is packed with the most advanced OptiMate technology & programs that matches a premium battery’s specific charge requirement.

Select the right charge program for your battery (only once, selection remains in memory even if power fails), connect to the battery and the rest is fully automatic. Your Gold series charger’s advanced program includes a two-step desulphation save mode, a temperature regulated Ampmatic program that optimizes charge exactly to the battery’s requirement, advanced state of health testing followed by OptiMate’s unique and 100% safe 24-7 maintenance.

Gold series chargers charge a variety of lead-acid batteries types including STD, GEL, AGM, EFB, Spiral cell, Premium AGM & Deep Cycle.

Silver series portable car battery charger for car

Automotive Silver Series

silver corner on battery charger
🛠️ Smarter
⚙️ Automatic, more features
Save, charge & maintain

With smarter battery saving and charge control technology, the Silver Series car battery chargers are ideal for the vehicle owner that may need to recover a ‘deadflat’ battery and then test its state of health. The more powerful Silver Series chargers include AMPMATIC technology that varies charge current to match battery size and condition.

Silver Series chargers are rated for a variety of lead-acid batteries types including STD, GEL, AGM, EFB, Spiral cell, Premium AGM & Deep Cycle.

Automotive Bronze Series vehicle

Automotive Bronze Series

bronze corner on battery charger
🛠️ Easy
⚙️ Automatic
Charge & maintain

Easy to use and fully automatic, the Bronze Series only requires basic knowledge of connecting to the battery, once connected the charger automatically charges and then maintains your vehicle battery.

Bronze Series chargers are rated for starter lead-acid batteries types including STD, GEL, AGM and EFB, with the DUO models rated for Lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries as well.

Automotive Lithium battery charger for Porsche

Automotive Lithium Series

lithium corner on battery charger
🛠️ Expert
⚙️ Specific features, BMS reset
Reset, save, test, charge & maintain

When your high-performance car is fitted with a 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium LiFePO4 starter or auxiliary battery, OptiMate’s Lithium Series car battery charger is the ‘expert’ choice that guarantees your powerful Lithium battery will be correctly & safely charged & maintained.

OptiMate has been leading the industry of Lithium starter battery knowledge since its inception (2007-2008) focusing on Lithium battery care and longevity with the latest technology. A Lithium battery requires a charge program that is completely the opposite of a lead-acid battery when deep discharged, it needs to be delicately and precisely brought up to its normal voltage range before it can accept high current again.

OptiMate Lithium series chargers include Ampmatic current adjusting technology, low voltage pulse recovery from 0.5V, state of health testing, temperature compensation and active BMS (battery management system) reset for advanced Lithium batteries that have a built-in protection system for deep discharge or over charge.

Learn more about our Lithium Battery Charger Series here:

Solar charger for rv battery

Automotive Off-grid Series

off-grid corner on battery charger
🛠️ Eco-smart
⚙️ Automatic, special features
Save, test, charge & maintain

The Off-Grid series delivers power to your 12V battery anywhere! OptiMate’s smart solar controller delivered with each panel is available in DUO (lead-acid and Lithium) up to 40 Watts and Lead-acid only in 60 Watts and 80 Watts!

SMART technology within the controller converts low solar energy into efficient pulses to deliver a better charge, and at night it will continue to monitor the battery and display state of charge level. OptiMate Solar chargers can SAVE your deep discharged battery from as low as 4V and is SAFE to leave connected 24-7!

Learn more about our Solar Battery Charger Technology here:

General Automotive FAQ

1) We use less AC power, so we are more efficient when it comes to the power you pay for. If the battery charger doesn't have power factor correction it means you are using only parts of the AC wave to generate output power. As your output need is the same it means when you use part of the wave the current is higher, you have very high peaks of current that average to a higher level. OptiMate uses the complete wave to generate power, so it is always low.

2) After initial charge mode selection, we are the only charger that is 100% automatic. A selection made remains in memory after the battery is disconnected and AC power is lost (until the user decides to charge a different type of battery).

3) The OptiMate is the only charger that has an Ampmatic charge program - the output current automatically adjusts to match the battery size - a smaller battery automatically gets less, a bigger battery more. Current automatically varies between 1A and 10A (i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.) depending on the battery size and condition.

4) What also makes us stand out is the 24-7 maintenance mode of the charger: During every hour 30 minutes rest and 30 minutes charging if needed. Checks every hour if the battery has lost charge and will deliver charge for 30 minutes. Refresh - Will immediately return to charge if sensed that the battery has been used and needs high current charge.

We recommend our OptiMate 5 Start/Stop to charge and maintain your start/stop car.

Yes, the OptiMate is the perfect charger and maintainer for your car. The charger is ideal for 12V starter & deep cycle lead-acid (AGM, GEL, STD, EFB) batteries ranging from 12-160Ah.

PS mode is the Power Supply mode and it provides constant power for vehicle tuning, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Yes, it is! That is exactly what the OptiMate is designed to do. The gentle charging algorithm will never overcharge or undercharge your battery.

Automotive Lithium Battery Charger FAQ

Solar Charger for Car Battery FAQ

Yes, it can! Our 20W DUO Solar controller harnesses the power of the sun to put it into your 12V lead-acid or Lithium-ion LFP battery. In  full summer when the sun is at its maximum power, you can actually use that power to save your dead flat car battery.

Learn more about our OptiMate Series here!