USB Motorcycle Charger

OptiMate USB charger (USB-A & USB-C) for motorcycles


Modern USB devices require stable power to recharge fast. Modern smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) now have batteries of around 3Ah (3000mAh). A lithium motorcycle battery capacity range between 2Ah to 5Ah with Lead-acid (AGM / STD) batteries 2-3x more than that. Even though it has more capacity, if discharged below 50% the vehicle may struggle to start.

OptiMate USB chargers incorporate unique power control that will protect the vehicle’s battery, ensuring there is always sufficient power to start the engine.


O-115 and O-105 OptiMate USB chargers plugged into motorcycle sockets

Optimate USB deliver a powerful and stable charge required by modern USB devices. The O-100 delivers 2400mA whilst all the other models deliver 3300mA of charge capable of recharging any device quickly.

Modern smartphones now have batteries with capacity almost the same as a small motorcycle’s lead-acid battery or a larger motorcycle’s lithium battery. Charging that phone from the parked vehicle’s battery may drain it too low for the engine to start.

Not with OptiMate USB! OptiMate USB chargers incorporate unique microprocessor power control that protects the vehicle’s battery, guaranteeing there will always be sufficient power to start the engine. You can leave an OptiMate USB hooked up in a parked vehicle for months, it will not drain the battery.


OptiMate USB charger turns off when the motorcycle is parked for 1 hour or more. If the battery drops below 12.4V, the OptiMate USB charger will automatically turn off.

OptiMate USB chargers include a built-in standby mode that turns off USB charging one hour after the vehicle was parked and engine was turned off, preventing your vehicle’s LFP (LiFePO4) or AGM (Pb) battery from draining further.
It will also turn off immediately if the voltage drops very low (< 12.4V), e.g. during starting of the engine.


OptiMate USB O-100 connected to SAE connector.

OptiMate’s O-100 and O-108 USB chargers include a built-in battery monitor that indicates your LFP (LiFePO4) or AGM (Pb) is ready to start the vehicle. Check your stored vehicle’s battery status at-a-glance; the LED corresponding to battery type blinks every 5 seconds.


Raindrops on O-105, weatherproof seal protects against inclement weather while riding.

The OptiMate USB range includes models with USB-A charge ports and USB-C charge ports.


OptiMate USB motorcycle charger video:


The OptiMate USB range includes models with USB-A charge ports and USB-C charge ports.


SAE 2-pin connector:

Ø12mm DIN / BIKE 12V:

Ø21-22mm / 7/8″ cigarette / 12V power socket:

USB Charger Accessories:


FAQ USB Motorcycle Charger products

Yes, all OptiMate USB chargers are SAFE for charging 12V lead-acid and 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium (LifePO4 / LFP) batteries.

The most common reason for this might be because your battery voltage has dropped below 12.4V and the USB charger has gone into battery protection mode to save your battery from further draining. Check your battery’s voltage.

The single difference between the O-108 and O-108KIT would be the O-31 SAE battery lead which connects the battery to the O-108 USB Charger. If you already have an SAE battery lead fitted, then the O-108 is recommended.

Yes, the O-105 and O-115 fit you DIN moto BMW / TRIUMPH / DUCATI socket perfectly, look at the position of the DIN connection you want to use to see if you need the 90° angle O-105 or the 180° straight O-115 on your bike.
Yes, the O-106 uses the bigger AUTO 12V socket (found on KTM/HONDA, ...) to power your USB devices.