Bronze Battery Maintainer

No worries! All Bronze series chargers are easy, only some basic knowledge is required.

These chargers automatically charge & maintain.


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Automotive / marine:


Multi-bank chargers:



Battery Maintainer FAQ

The bronze series will charge and maintain your battery, ideal to keep healthy batteries in great shape.

Yes, the bronze series chargers are super easy to use, just connect to the battery and everything else is 100% automatic.

BRONZE series chargers are ideal for 12V batteries, so check before charging - you can find it on the battery - whether you're connecting to a 12V battery or not.

The OptiMate 1 VoltMatic is ideal for 6V or 12V lead-acid batteries, the charger can tell if it's a 6V or 12V battery and adapts its charge voltage to match the battery.

Yes, we have a bronze series charger suited for all verhicle or battery types.

Yes, the specific OptiMate maintenance program will safely keep your battery charged and maintained at 100% for as long as you keep it connected to the battery.

Yes, all OptiMate chargers have 2 different high quality battery cables included in the box, a lead cable for permanent connection and a crocodile clips cable for bench- or emergency charging.

VoltMatic means that the charge program automatically adapts its voltage level to match your 6V or 12V battery.