OptiMate CABLE O-19

MSRP $19.95

Adapter, SAE to BIKE 90° plug

The compact converter cable from DIN ø12mm BIKE socket into SAE – 15cm/6in

  • The DIN / ISO 4165 standard OptiMate BIKE plug fits 12V sockets of BMW, Triumph & Ducati Multistrada motorcycles and some marine and agricultural equipment.
  • 90° angled connection – low profile!
  • Includes weatherproof in-line SAE seal
  • Perfect for use in the harshest environments, Low temperature use -40°C/-40°F – Remains Flexible!





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SKU: O-19

SKU: O-19

SKU: O-19

SKU: O-19


Connect your battery charger or your tankbag fitted with O-30 adapter, to a Ø12mm DIN power socket found on BMW, Triumph, Victory, selected Honda Gold Wing motorcycles and John Deere ATVs.

LENGTH: 6″/15cm

CONNECTORS: Low profile Ø12mm DIN / BIKE 90° plug to SAE

CABLE RATING: 18AWG (0.82mm2) SPT-2W

USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature, cable remains flexible in ‘below freezing’ temperatures.

STYLE: Includes in-line rubber seal for OptiMATE heavy duty SAE connector.  * Low profile BIKE 90° plug replaces straight 180° plug.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty