12V Battery Chargers with DUO Technology

An OptiMate battery charger with DUO technology charges 12V AGM, STD & GEL and 12.8V/13.2V Lithium LiFe/LFP (LiFePO4) batteries

OptiMate’s industry leading 12V battery chargers with DUO technology automatically charge both 12V lead-acid batteries (AGM, STD, GEL) and 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries.


DUO (on battery charger) means standard 12V Pb and Lithium 12.8V Li

DUO means EASY!

Need to charge a battery in a vehicle with a 12V system? Just connect your OptiMate DUO charger to the battery, no further decision is needed, no button to press, the charger does the rest.

OptiMate DUO senses the battery’s condition and voltage and automatically adapts its charge program to match the battery type.


OptiMate 2 DUO battery charger: power (LED) on

An OptiMate DUO charger can save batteries from as low as 4V. It will sense battery condition and then deliver the safest charge to recover your low voltage LFP Lithium or lead-acid battery.


OptiMate's 24/7 SAFE maintenance for batteries, the battery charger adjusts to what the battery needs

OptiMate intelligent 24-7 SAFE maintenance program will adjust to what your battery needs. It automatically turn on and off to keep your 12.8V/13.2V LFP Lithium battery or 12V lead-acid battery in the perfect condition and extend its life.

Keep it connected and your vehicle’s battery will perform stronger and last longer!


DUO products



Yes. DUO chargers are able to automatically charge both Lithium and lead-acid batteries.

Yes. DUO chargers are able to automatically charge both lead-acid and Lithium batteries.

Yes, all OptiMate DUO chargers can save your batteries from as low as 4V.

Yes, all OptiMate DUO chargers have a 24-7 SAFE maintenance program to keep your battery in perfect condition when left connected.



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