Gold & Deep Cycle Battery Charger Series

Gold and deep cycle battery charger series

Advanced chargers for the ultimate performance.

These chargers can desulphate low volt batteries and automatically save, test, charge & maintain.


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Automotive / marine:


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Gold Series FAQ

The GOLD series is the best option we can offer for your battery, choose the one suited for your battery, and it will offer you all features OptiMate has for that type of battery.

The GOLD series solves all your problems, combining the best SAVE program to recover your battery, a fast and secure charge, a 24/7 maintain mode and special features added to some models.

YES, all GOLD series chargers can SAVE your deeply discharged or sulphated lead-acid batteries from down as low as 0.5V. These chargers are blessed with the most advanced OptiMate SAVE program.

No, therefore OptiMate had introduced a Lithium series chargers with specific features for Lithium-ion LFP batteries. We recommend to only use a Lithium-ion LFP specific battery charger to charge your 12V Lithium-ion LFP battery.

YES. Your selection is memorized and will not change until you make another selection.

A Deep Cycle battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. It’s like a long-distance athlete, they get charged up to 100% and steadily use their energy over a very long period.

The other type is whats called starter 12V or 24V lead-acid batteries. That’s your sprinter, made to explode in power over a short period of time, and get recharged slowly to be ready for its next sprint.

When charging, the voltage is adjusted higher when colder and lower when hotter.

Charging needs to be temperature compensated to improve battery care.