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TecMate Remote Charging Possibilities

TecMate Remote Charging Possibilities

Ever wondered how to charge your battery when your vehicle is stored somewhere without access to an AC Supply?
So did we !

To solve this important question we have come up with 2 possible solutions :
Our new OptiMate SOLAR and OptiMate DC->DC charging solutions.

  1. The OptiMate Solar (TM524): The world’s most efficient Solar Pulse Charger, Tester & Maintainer


OptiMate Solar, desulphates, charges and maintains your battery from a standard 12V solar panel. It converts low solar energy to high pulse charge, which improves solar charge efficiency, also at places where there is no access to an AC/DC supply.

OptiMate Solar, comes with a separate smart controller that makes it easy to see (in proximity of the vehicle) whether your battery is charging or maintaining or even if the solar panel is delivering power.

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  1. The OptiMate DC->DC (TM500): A Unique Battery to Battery Charger


OptiMate DC to DC, recovers, charges & maintains a 12V lead-acid battery from another 12V battery or DC supply.

OptiMate DC to DC brings you the advanced OptiMate features, also at places where there is no access to an AC Power supply. Recover, charge and maintain your battery using a larger source battery (ideal 1.5x capacity) or DC Supply without fear of discharging the source thanks to OptiMate’s Source Battery Protection.

OptiMate Solar and OptiMate DC to DC. Saves ‘dead’ batteries, then maintains them.

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OptiMate, battery performance guaranteed!

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