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Two clever OptiMATE accessories

Two clever OptiMATE accessories

#1 : OptiMate HOOK –  Keep your OptiMATE off the floor!  

Even though all OptiMates delivered since 2008 come standard with integrated wall mounts neatly positioned around the cables entry / exit points, allowing the charger to be securely mounted even to ‘stud’ walls popular in North America, many OptiMates ‘live’ on the floor next to the vehicles whose batteries are receiving the best care in the world.

NO MORE! OptiMate HOOK is the solution and best of all, it’s a cost effective one.


TS252-225x300 hook1-225x300


OptiMate HOOK easily attaches to the charger and then the rider can hang their advanced (and stylish) OptiMate charger from their power sport vehicle’s handlebar, strut or a similar protrusion. With the charger in full view the rider can see charge progression and battery condition displayed on the OptiMate LED panel.

OptiMate HOOK fits any OptiMate charger with integrated wall-mounts. OptiMate HOOK attaches to one of the charger’s integrated wall-mounts (typically at the AC cable entry end) with a second optional attachment to the cable itself. Slots are provided to bundle and store excess cable on the HOOK.


#2 : OptiMATE kickstand puck – Keep your two-wheeler upright even when parked!

When you make a pit stop after a long ride and put out the kickstand, you rely on pure faith that the surface will fully support your motorcycle. On a paved surface you might instinctively believe the bike will be steady, but what happens if it is a really hot day and the tarmac has softened and your bike tilts just a little more than it should causing your heart to skip a beat?

Our ‘OptiMate kickstand Puck’ provides stability by spreading the weight and floating on that soft dirt, lawn (when camping) or hot tarmac.

The oval shape is perfect for motorcycles with a ‘short’ kickstand foot and for those shiny big cruisers that come with a longer kickstand foot. Position it according to the length of the kickstand foot and now the OptiMATE kickstand puck guarantees that your motorcycle stays upright even when stored for longer periods.


TS251-300x246 ts251-300x221


No more heart stopping moments, only 100% stability for you bike. We also included a unique bonus feature, a built in splash rim just in case you need a coffee mug or beer coaster!

At TecMate we don’t just think up stuff, we ride too! 

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