OptiMate CABLE O-18s

MSRP $16.95

Adapter-extender, SAE to BIKE 180° plug, 48″/120cm

Spring loaded DIN bike socket

  • Fits BMW, Triumph, Victory, selected Honda Goldwing motorcycles and John Deere ATV’s
  • Two pin connector with metal sealing nut
  • Heavy duty spring load cap
  • Strong locking connection to devices
  • Durable metal casing




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SKU: O-18s
MSRP USD $16.89

SKU: O-18s
MSRP CAD $25.49


Compact Ø12mm DIN socket with metal body &  auto close cap, same as socket on BMW, Triumph, Victory, selected Honda Gold Wing motorcycles and John Deere ATVs.

LENGTH: 11/16” / 18mm Hole size

CONNECTORS: ¼’/6mm Spade connector to Ø12mm DIN Metal socket

USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature use

STYLE: Premium BIKE socket designed by TecMate.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty