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At OptiMate, we believe in making battery charging and maintenance as easy as possible for riders. After all, your main reason for owning a motorcycle, ATV, UTV (SxS) or PWC (personal watercraft), is to ride when you can. Our motto is ‘connect and forget, no more battery problems’, keeping your battery ready to start your ride when you press that magic start button!

All OptiMate battery chargers share the following key features to make your charging experience as easy and cost effective as possible –

OptiMate battery chargers are designed for easy, automatic operation. Once you’ve connected the charger to your battery, it will automatically diagnose the battery’s condition and then save, charge and maintain as needed. You can safely leave an OptiMate battery charger to do its job – no supervision required!

OptiMate battery chargers have a unique and proven ‘connect and forget’ 24-7 maintenance program that will keep your battery healthy and extends its lifespan. It checks battery charge level hourly and will deliver up to 30 minutes per hour of safe maintenance charging, with lead-acid batteries also receiving a special desulphation pulse that keeps on improving battery power. Leave it connected for a week, a month or a year, your battery is always safely looked after.

OptiMate battery chargers have built-in green power technology that reduce electricity usage by up to 50% compared to our competitors in the market –guaranteed long term savings, your battery is kept in tip-top shape at the lowest cost.


Gold Series motorcycle battery charger

Motorcycle / Powersport Gold Series

gold corner on battery charger
🛠️ Advanced
⚙️ Selectable, most features
Save, test, charge & maintain

Designed with the expert in mind that wants to select the right program to charge their battery, the GOLD SERIES OptiMate 4 Quad Program is the ultimate power-sport battery saving charger for your 2-wheel adventure, touring, cruiser or performance motorcycle, or your 4-wheel ATV & Side by Side UTV, or your personal watercraft.
OptiMate 4 Quad Program offers four different charging programs, for all types and sizes of engine-start (SLI) battery used in power-sport, including 12V lead-acid (Pb – classic wet cell or sealed / VRLA AGM or GEL) and 12.8V / 13.2V lithium (LFP / LiFePO4).

Programs 1 (Pb) and 3 (LFP) work best when connecting directly to the battery, automatically activating from as low as 0.5 Volts for ‘no supervision’ save, charge, test and 24-7 maintenance of your battery. Program 3 (LFP) also include BMS reset and ‘wake up’ of a lithium (LFP) battery from zero Volts.

Programs 2 (Pb CAN-bus) and program 4 (LFP CAN-bus) are specific to BMW motorcycles (from 2004) that have the 12V socket controlled by the motorcycle’s ZFE CAN-bus system. OptiMate 4 Quad Program automatically initializes, then charges and maintains through the BMW motorcycle’s 12V socket, safely within the parameters of the BMW CAN-bus system. During long term maintenance OptiMate 4 Quad Program monitors the battery and will deliver charge as needed, to keep that battery in perfect condition. TIP: If your BMW motorcycle’s battery is dead-flat (no reaction or ignition lights when turned on) you will need program 1 or 3 to save the battery.

OptiMate 4 Quad Program include OptiMate’s best battery saving algorithm in program 1 for lead-acid (Pb) and program 3 for lithium (LFP) batteries. All save modes are vehicle safe, if OptiMate 4 QP senses sensitive vehicle electronics, it disables save mode functions; for best results disconnect the battery from the vehicle and then OptiMate 4 can use maximum saving power to bring your battery back to life. After saving it will test and indicate your battery’s state of health. Guaranteed, if OptiMate 4 cannot save your battery, no other power-sport / motorcycle charger will!

OptiMate 4 Quad Program – the best of all OptiMate power-sport chargers combined into a single product, making it the most advanced power-sport battery charger in the world!

Silver series OptiMate 3 motorcycle battery charger

Motorcycle / Powersport Silver Series

silver corner on battery charger
🛠️ Smarter
⚙️ Automatic, more features
Save, charge & maintain

Designed for automatic saving of any lead-acid (Pb) battery the SILVER SERIES OptiMate 3  battery charger works on all 12V lead-acid (Pb) motorcycle & power-sport battery types, including standard (STD) classic wet cell with filler caps, and sealed / VRLA AGM and GEL batteries.

Connect to the battery and the OptiMate 3 will automatically recover your ‘dead-flat’ sulphated lead-acid battery from as low as 2V, then confirm the battery’s state of health followed by OptiMate’s proven 24-7 maintenance to now keeps that saved battery in great condition. OptiMate 3 will disable desulphation save functions if it senses vehicle electronics; for best results disconnect the dead-flat battery from the vehicle so that OptiMate 3 can enable maximum saving power to bring your battery back to life.

OptiMate 3 is offered in single or 2 or 4 station / bank format.

OptiMate 3 – the most popular and trusted battery saving charger for lead-acid motorcycle / power-sport batteries.

Bronze Series motorcycle battery chargers

Motorcycle / Powersport Bronze Series

bronze corner on battery charger
🛠️ Easy
⚙️ Automatic
Charge & maintain

Designed to be easy to use and fully automatic, the Bronze Series OptiMate battery chargers only require a basic understanding of how to connect to your battery, never-mind what type or size it is. Connect the OptiMate DUO battery charger to your battery and then it takes care of the rest,  automatically charging and maintaining your battery.

An OptiMate DUO battery charger automatically adapts its charging and maintenance program to your power-sport / motorcycle battery, be it a 12V lead-acid (Pb – classic wet cell or sealed / VRLA AGM or GEL) or a 12.8V / 13.2V lithium (LFP / LiFePO4) battery.

OptiMate 1 DUO is ideal for 24-7 long term maintenance of all 12V / 12.8V / 13.2V power-sport batteries.

OptiMate 2 DUO delivers a quicker charge of 2 Amps ideal for larger power-sport batteries found in cruiser motorcycles or ATV / UTV 4-wheelers, and then it delivers the OptiMate DUO 24-7 maintenance charge. OptiMate 2 DUO is offered in single or 2 or 4 station / bank format.

The OptiMate 1 Voltmatic adapts charge voltage for 6V batteries found in classic motorcycles or 12V lead-acid batteries found in classic and modern motorcycles.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a first-time user, the Bronze Series Optimate battery chargers are a reliable and user-friendly choice for all your battery charging needs.

Motorcycle lithium battery charger

Motorcycle / Powersport Lithium Series

lithium corner on battery charger
🛠️ Expert
⚙️ Specific features, BMS reset
Reset, save, test, charge & maintain

Designed for automatic and easy use, but packed with intelligence to correctly reset, save, charge, test and maintain 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4) starter or auxiliary battery, an OptiMate Lithium SERIES battery charger is the expert choice for your high performance race, cruiser or adventure motorcycle with a Li-Ion LFP/LiFePO4 battery.

OptiMate has been an industry leader in Li-Ion (LFP / LiFePO4) starter battery knowledge since 2010, focusing on optimal battery care and longevity. Even though the Li-Ion (LFP / LiFePO4) battery works similar to lead-acid in the 12V to 14.4V range of a motorcycle’s electrical system, when the lithium battery is deeply discharged below that range, especially below 10V, it is vulnerable to damage and requires a different way of recovery compared to lead-acid. OptiMate Lithium delivers low power charge whilst actively testing to see how the battery reacts, so that it can determine if the battery can be safely recharged. If not it will immediately stop and indicate battery error, preventing the battery from overheating. If the discharged battery is healthy and reacts as expected, it will be delicately and precisely brought up to its normal voltage range before it receives full current charging again.

OptiMate Lithium series chargers feature AmpMatic current adjusting technology, low voltage pulse recovery from 0.5V,  active BMS (battery management system) reset for batteries with built-in resettable protection systems, state of health testing and temperature compensation that reduces or prevents charging in extreme cold or heat.

Learn more about our Lithium Battery Charger Series here:

dc to dc charger to charge from vehicle (RV) to motorcycle

Motorcycle / Powersport Off-grid Series

off-grid corner on battery charger
🛠️ Eco-smart
⚙️ Automatic, special features
Save, test, charge & maintain

Designed for use without AC power, be it DC-to-DC or Solar, the OptiMate OFF-GRID series include state of the art solar technology to optimize charging from any solar panel, and DC-to-DC charging from 12V-16V sources.

The DC-to-DC 2 Amp battery charger is ideal for saving, charging and maintaining your 12V lead-acid (Pb) or 12.8V Li-Ion (LFP / LiFePO4 technology) from another 12V battery or 12V to 16V DC source. For example, you can charge your motorcycle battery from your camper or your car. During long term maintenance the OptiMate DC-to-DC will draw just enough power from the source battery to maintain the target battery in your motorcycle or power-sport vehicle / craft, ensuring that the source battery can deliver power for longer.

The OptiMate Solar DUO 10W battery charger delivers power to your 12V battery anywhere! OptiMate’s smart solar DUO controller delivered with the panel can safely charge 12V lead-acid and 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries.

SMART technology within the controller converts low solar energy into efficient pulses to deliver a better charge, and at night it will continue to monitor the battery and display state of charge level. OptiMate Solar chargers can SAVE your deep discharged battery from as low as 4V and is SAFE to leave connected 24-7!

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Professional motorcycle battery charger

Motorcycle / Powersport Pro Series

pro corner on battery charger
🛠️ Professional
⚙️ Selectable, special features
Save, charge, test, Power-supply

The OptiMate PRO series is for the professional user in power-sport & small craft, machine professionals, repair shops and battery retailers. In addition to charging the battery, the PRO chargers are also designed for vehicle diagnostics.

The OptiMate PRO-1 DUO battery charger has different selectable charge modes, including a charge mode for lead-acid batteries and a charge mode for LiFePO4 Lithium batteries.

OptiMate 4 Quad Program FAQ

OptiMate 4 Quad Program includes four charging programs; the standard program for lead-acid batteries is supposed to be used when connecting directly to the battery, the CANbus (BMW) program for lead-acid batteries allows charging and maintaining via the DIN socket on BMW Motorcycles (models 2004 and later).

The standard program for lithium batteries is supposed to be used when connecting directly to the battery, the CANbus (BMW) program for lithium batteries allows charging and maintaining via the DIN socket on BMW Motorcycles (models 2004 and later).

Yes, the standard program has the most advanced recovery program which saves 'dead flat' sulphated batteries from as low as 0,5V.

You'll need to select Program 2 (Pb-CAN-bus) or Program 4 (LFP-CAN-bus) depending on the type of battery in your BMW motorcycle. Program 2 is for a 12V sealed lead-acid battery - your sealed battery may be marked 12V VRLA, GEL or AGM. Program 4 is for a 12.8V LFP (Li-Ion with chemistry LiFePO4) battery.

Disconnect the OptiMate 4 from the battery or vehicle. Push and release the pushbutton switch. The mode selection changes when the button is released. Continue to press and release until the desired program has been selected. If no futher selection is made for at least 3 seconds SAVE (#3), CHARGE (#4), OPTIMIZE(#5) and TEST (#6,7, 8) LEDs flash twice to confirm selection is in memory.

The standard edition is delivered with a set of battery clips (O-04), a permanent battery lead (O-01) and a handlebar hanging hook to suspend the charger from the handlebar. The Premium edition includes all the same accessories PLUS a SAE to DIN adapter (O-19) to connect directly to 12V DIN sockets on BMW and Triumph motorcycles.

Yes, IF the socket is ‘live’ (hot) when the motorcycle ignition is turned off. (TIP: Recent model Triumph Tiger 850/900 and 1200/1250 have a live socket near the instrument panel.). Select program 1 or 3 for direct-to-battery charging as the socket is directly connected to the battery.

STD, AGM and GEL 12V lead-acid & 12.8V / 13.2V lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries used for engine start & deep cycle applications. For lead-acid batteries from 4Ah to 60Ah for 24-7 battery maintenance and for lithium batteries from 2Ah to 15Ah for 24-7 battery maintenance.

Charge time on a flat but otherwise undamaged battery: a 12Ah battery should take no more than about 12 hours to progress to the self-discharge check. Deep-discharged batteries may take significantly longer, a full charge may not be achieved within the hour charge safety limit. In this case.

General Motorcycle Battery Charger FAQ

The OptiMate 1 VoltMatic and the OptiMate 1 DUO are both Bronze series chargers, that means that they're easy to use to charge and maintain your battery.

The OptiMate 1 VoltMatic is a 6V and 12V automatic lead-acid charger, so if you have 6V to charge that's your option!

The OptiMate 1 DUO is a 12V Bronze series charger for both lead-acid batteries and Lithium.

The OptiMate 3 is a Silver series battery charger.

What that means: It can save, charge and maintain any lead-acid 12V battery.

The OptiMate Lithium series is made specifically for Lithium-ion LFP LiFePO4 batteries, so if you bought a new battery, connect it to your OptiMate Lithium charger for 24 hours before you install it into your motorcycle. That way your battery will be 100% charged and you will always be ready to go.

Yes, it can! The Solar DUO controller harnesses the power of the sun to put it into your 12V lead-acid or Lithium-ion LFP battery. In full summer when the sun is at its maximum power the controller can actually use that power to save your dead flat battery.

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