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OptiMATE 6 Select: Accurate charging, power supply service mode!

Stuck during software update? High performance AGM battery not 100% charged?

The all new OptiMate 6 Select is the perfect solution for different problems like bike servicing, or 100% charging of diverse battery types.

As motorcycle control systems become increasingly advanced, with engine management and even suspension settings now microprocessor controlled, software updates and troubleshooting with an OEM or aftermarket systems diagnostic tool has become the new norm in service shops.

So too the problem of software update interruptions or false error codes during troubleshooting, simply because the battery’s power ran out and voltage dropped below the minimum required (typically around 12.5V) for safe uploading.


TecMate now has a solution for that too – the OptiMate 6 Select with power-supply service support mode that delivers a fixed voltage of 13.6V, keeping the battery voltage in range during download and updating to the latest software or giving the technician the time needed to figure out what went wrong on the motorcycle.

The power supply mode is real easy to use – hook OptiMATE 6 Select up to the battery and hold your finger on the Select-touch ‘button’ sensor for 5 seconds; charge mode changes to power-supply mode and now OptiMATE 6 can deliver up to 4 Amps whilst it continues to monitor the battery and power drain and warn if a power blip might cause the voltage drop too low.

Select from 2 Charge-Modes

Prior to diagnosis or uploading the technician can correctly charge any 12V battery, OEM or aftermarket. Two selections are available, one for the majority of batteries charged to the standard voltage of 14.4V and the 2nd for hi performance AGM batteries that need a higher charge voltage of 14.7V to reach 100%. Following charge mode selection the program is fully automatic; the 9-step charge program delivers accurate temperature compensated voltage with up to 5 Amps charge current delivered by the AmpMatic processor that guarantees the right charge for any size power sport battery.

OptiMATE, battery performance guaranteed!

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