OptiMate MONITOR O-128

MSRP $24.95

Permanent battery lead with integrated battery status / charge system monitor for 12V lead-acid.

Weatherproof long battery lead with state of charge monitor for ‘12V’ batteries – 24-7 battery status at a blink of a LED!

The battery monitor 12v is ideal for 12V lead-acid batteries (AGM, STD, GEL and Spiral)The battery monitor 12v is recommended for cars, boats and maritimeIdeal for 12V lead-acid batteries found in the vehicles and craft above.


It has a SAE quick connect charge port for charing battery.
SAE quick connect charge port for charging battery when needed!


The battery monitor 12V has ringlets that fit a variety of battery terminals with 15A fuse that protects -40° rated cable and electronics
Longer 100cm / 40″ length with M8 (5/16″) / M10 / (3/8″) ringlets that fit a variety of battery terminals, with 15A fuse that protects the -40° rated cable and electronicsPremium quality!



With weatherproof sealing cap.

Battery status indication every 3 seconds (LED blinks).

Battery status indication for high performance AGM.
Ideal charge range with engine running - 13.5V to 14.5V.






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SKU: O-128

SKU: O-128

SKU: O-128

SKU: O-128


Smart battery lead that measures voltage; monitors charge of a ‘larger’ stored 12V lead-acid battery and confirms if the vehicle charging system is working correctly.

LENGTH: 40″/100cm

BATTERY CONNECTOR: 5/16” (M8) / 3/8” (M10) ringlets

CHARGE CONNECTOR: 2-pin SAE, protected from dirt and liquid with rubber sealing cap and shroud.

OPERATION: 2 automatic Modes – Battery charge level monitor (single LED blink mode) & Charging system test (arrow mode).

  • Vehicle storage: 4 LEDs cover ‘full to empty’ voltage range of all 12V batteries, including higher voltage AGM for power sport (4th √√ LED ≥ 12.7V ). LED matching charge level blinks every 3  seconds (long term draw less than 0.2mA).
  • Vehicle running: LED arrow mode activates when charge voltage reaches ideal charging voltage; up to minimum 13.5V ( green LED) or ideal range 14V+ (√√ green LED).


CABLE RATING: 16 AWG (1.31mm2) SPT-2W

FUSE: 15 Amp

USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature, remains flexible at ‘below freezing’ temperatures

STYLE: Fully enclosed electronic circuitry with 4 LEDs, SAE charge connector with rubber sealing cap & shroud

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty


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