OptiMate 5 6V/12V

MSRP $149.93

SILVER series: 8-step 6V 4A / 12V 3A sealed battery saving charger & maintainer

OptiMate 5 6V/12V is the smarter charger for all 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries great for deep cycle batteries! 
The 6V 12V battery charger is recommended for batteries of RVs, golf carts, oldtimers, motorcycles, medical equipment and security devices.


Select the right charge voltage for your 6V or 12V lead-acid battery – Selection remains in memory even if AC power is lost.
With the OptiMate 6V 12V battery charger you can select the right charge voltage for your 6V or 12V lead-acid battery.


Fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full chargeConnect to the battery and OptiMate 5 6V/12V does the rest, no supervision required!
The fully automatic multi-step program to full charge the battery safely.




For lead-acid (Pb) 6V & 12V battery types including STD (with filler caps), AGM, GEL (sealed VRLA), deep cycle & SLI.

Automatically adjusts current to match battery size and condition.

Safe to leave connected. Full electronic protection.
Maintains battery at full charge and good health.
Saves your ‘dead’ battery from as low as 0.5V.
Tests battery state of health.
Voltage safety check: will not charge if battery voltage does not match selection. Requires user confirmation.
Energy saving technology.
Stand-by power less than 0.5W.
Efficient 24-7 battery maintenance.
Weatherproof. Rated for use down to -40°C / -40°F.



Includes 2 battery connection cable accessories

  1. Battery lead (replacement SKU O-11) – fits to battery in your vehicle for convenient ‘quick-connect’ charging access.

Adjustable: Fits two bolt sizes


  2. Battery clips (replacement SKU O-04) –

Fits securely to square, round or flat battery posts.



In store packaging

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Available models are listed below. 

All OptiMate battery chargers listed below accept global input of 100-240Vac 50-60Hz, only the power plug TYPE is different to comply with national / regional electrical safety laws.

TYPE A – Canada / United States of America

TYPE C – Europe

TYPE G – United Kingdom

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OptiMATE 5 Select
SKU TM-321 

OptiMATE 5 Select SKU TM-321

OptiMATE 5 Select 
SKU TM-320

OptiMATE 5 Select
SKU TM-322

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