OptiMate Kickstand Puck (Single)

MSRP $6.95

Kickstand puck; safely park your motorcycle on any type of surface.

  • Provides stability when parking on soft surfaces, such as soft dirt, lawn and (or) hot tarmac.
  • Oval shape is perfect for all types of kickstands.
  • Includes a built in splash rim – Perfect coaster for beverages!
  • Industry standard durability – Built to last!

OptiMate kickstand puck provides stability by spreading the weight and floating on that soft dirt, lawn (when camping) or hot tarmac. The oval shape is perfect for motorcycles with a ‘short’ kickstand foot and for big cruisers that come with a longer kickstand foot.

BONUS: Includes a built in splash rim for use as a coffee mug or beer coaster!

  • Size: 14 x 12cm / 5 1/2 x 4 5/8″
  • Material: Heat resistant ABS.
  • 5mm / 3/16″ hole for retainer cable / rope.







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