OptiMate Solar DUO 40W Travel Kit

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6-step 12V / 12.8V 3.33A sealed solar battery saving charger & maintainer

OptiMate Solar DUO 40W is the smart sun powered charger & maintainer for all ‘12V’ batteries
The optimate 1 duo adapts automatically to the connected battery type: Lithium or standard.


Ideal for batteries found in these vehicles.
The solar battery charger 12V is recommended for motorcycles, motorhome, 4x4 cars, maritime and light aircrafts.


The smart charge controller automatically adjusts charge according to battery type and condition – OptiMate Solar DUO’s smart control guarantees longer battery life and more battery power!
The smart charge controller automatically adjusts charge according to battery type and condition.


The controller’s fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge – Connect to the battery and OptiMate Solar DUO 40W does the rest, no supervision required!
The fully automatic multi-step program of the controller brings the battery to full charge.


The travel kit includes premium quality components 1) travel bag 2) polycrystalline solar panel, with adjustable stand! 3) OptiMate Solar DUO controller 4) O-04 battery clips 5) O-01 battery lead – for the complete solar charging experience!
The solar battery charger 12V includes premium quality components: polycristalline solar panel, travel bag, OptiMate Solar Duo controller, O-04 battery clips and O-01 battery lead.




For all 12V power sport battery types including lead-acid (Pb) > STD (with filler caps), AGM & GEL (sealed VRLA) ) and Li-Ion made with LiFePO4 / LFP technology.

Converts low solar energy to efficient pulse charge.
DAY: Charge & maintain. NIGHT: monitor charge level.
Safe to leave connected. Full electronic protection.
Saves your ‘dead’ battery from as low as 4V.
Displays battery state of charge.
Energy saving technology.
Efficient dual conversion.
Complete 24-7 maintenance.
Works in any weather!





The OptiMate Solar DUO is suited for charging 12V lead acid and 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium (LifePO4 / LFP) batteries.

OptiMate Solar DUO can charge and maintain the following battery types:
STD: 12V ‘wet’ cell / refillable lead-acid battery. Liquid acid can leak out if battery is turned on its side.
AGM: 12V sealed lead-acid battery, acid is fully contained within the battery. A 12V AGM battery holds a higher charged voltage than
STD lead-acid batteries.
GEL: 12V GEL sealed lead-acid battery, acid is fully contained within the battery. A GEL battery holds similar charged voltages to AGM.
LFP: 12.8V / 13.2V sealed Lithium Ferrous Phospate battery. Lithium batteries contain no acid. A LFP battery holds a higher charged
voltage than AGM / GEL.
Important - OptiMate Solar DUO is suitable ONLY for 4 series cell Lithium Ferrous Phosphate or Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. DO
NOT ATTEMPT TO CHARGE any other type of Lithium battery

1. Solar panel cable
2. Controller input
3. Controller output cable
4a. O-01 Permanent battery lead
4b. O-04 Battery clips 5. Battery

This will also be a video with the upcoming DUO solars

MONITOR MODE - When the solar panel stops delivering power (sun has gone down in the evening or cloud covers sun) the
OptiMate Solar DUO controller changes to BATTERY MONITOR mode and will now indicate battery charge level every 3 seconds.
LED 2, 3, 4 or 5 indicate battery charge level.

CHARGE MODE - LED #1 lights if the solar panel can deliver charge. LED #1 flashes when charge current is delivered to the
battery. Speed of flashing corresponds to current delivered i.e. fast means high current, slow means low current (cloudy
conditions or battery is not accepting high current).
LED 2, 3, 4 or 5 indicate charge progress whilst CHARGE LED #1 is flashing. If no battery is connected only LED #1 turns on.

If the battery is sufficiently charged, LED #4 or 5 will immediately light together with LED #1 (flashing).

If the battery needs further charging LED #2 or LED #3 will light together with LED #1 (flashing).


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INCLUDED: Weatherproof battery lead, standard battery clip set, 40W solar panel, OptiMate Solar DUO controller, adjustable stand & nylon storage case.












Connecting to battery with included accessories:



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OptiMATE 40W DUO Travel Kit
SKU TM-522-D4-TK

OptiMATE 40W DUO Travel Kit
SKU TM-522-D4-TK

OptiMATE 40W DUO Travel Kit
SKU TM-522-D4-TK

OptiMATE 40W DUO Travel Kit
SKU TM-522-D4-TK




Saves flat batteries from as low as 4V with its unique pulse action.
Fastest charge is delivered as ‘smart charge’ control selects pulse or continuous charge according to sunlight strength.
Intelligent maintenance continues the next day if battery retained charge overnight, otherwise the program reverts to OPTIMIZE step.


Battery condition is displayed every 3 seconds. Ready indication for STD, hi-performance AGM and lithium LFP batteries. Draws less than 0.5mA during monitor mode.
Automatically switches to CHARGE when solar power is sufficient.


The OptiMate charger-monitor controller is separate to the solar panel and can be placed close to the vehicle or battery so that charge and maintenance progress can be easily followed. The solar panel must be mounted and angled to receive direct sunlight. The reach / distance between battery and panel is 315cm / 124″. To extend, use OptiMate Cable Extenders O-03, O-13, O-23, O-43 or O-53 and insert between the solar panel and the OptiMate charge-monitor controller.

Outer dimension, including corner mount brackets : Width= 42 cm / 16.6”  Height= 68.6 cm / 27”  Depth= 3.3 cm / 1 1/4


Solar Panel:

POWER : 40 Watts (max.)

VOLTS : 12V / 12.8V

USE : Outdoor.

STYLE : Weatherproof - polycrystalline, aluminium frame with 4 x mounting brackets, output cable 200cm / 80″ with SAE connector.

Adjustable stand: Width= 69 cm / 27” Height= 42 cm / 16.6”
Adjusts panel to the most suitable angle for maximum solar power. Securing panel in position - 4 anchor points fit standard pegs / stakes (not included), or place a weight (e.g. sandbag) over the crossbar.


OptiMate Charge-Monitor controller:

CHARGING AMPS : 3.33A from 40W panel (max. average current), 3-5A pulse current

USE : Indoor / Outdoor  (lowest temperature: -4°F / -20°C).

SAVE : Low Volt Start of 4V

IDEAL FOR : STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 2 – 240Ah and Lithium LFP 12.8V / 13.2V batteries

INPUT : 15 – 22V

STYLE : Weatherproof charge controller case.

INCLUDEDWeatherproof battery leadstandard battery clip set, 40W solar panel, adjustable stand & nylon storage case.

SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty.