OptiMate USB O-100

MSRP $21.95

Smart 2400mA USB charger, with standby mode & vehicle battery monitor.

The portable & compact SAE to USB 2400mA charger for safe and fast charging of any USB device, including your phone, camera or GPS.

  • Connects to battery lead with industry standard SAE 2-pin connector – Seals perfectly when mated with OptiMate SAE!
  • Charges 1x USB device with up to 2400mA current available (or get optional O-110 USB splitter and charge 2 devices). – Charge current adapts to connected device for safe recharging.
  • Creates weatherproof seal against inserted USB cable, or ‘rideproof’ cap seals when not in use – Worry free phone, camera or GPS charging in any weather!
  • Built in protection turns off USB charging & prevents your parked vehicle’s LFP (LiFePO4) or AGM (Pb)battery from draining Starts back up when vehicle engine fires up.
  • Monitors and displays parked vehicle’s battery status – indicates battery is ‘start ready’ at the blink of an LED!



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SKU: O-100

SKU: O-100

SKU: O-100

SKU: O-100


Smart 2400mA USB charger, with standby mode & vehicle battery monitor.





OPERATION:  fully automatic

  • Smart stand-by mode: USB output turns off 1 hour after engine stopped or immediately if voltage reduces below 12.4V.
  • 2 LED battery monitor (when USB output off)  – battery status is displayed every 5 seconds.
  • Short circuit, overheat, over-voltage protection.

INPUT: Vehicle 12V system with 12V lead-acid or 12.8V lithium battery.


  • USB ON - 13.3V to 18V – unlimited USB output, USB LED on. Delivers USB power when vehicle engine is charging battery.
  • USB 1 HOUR - 12.4V to 13.3V – 1 hour USB output, USB LED on. Go to standby mode after 1 hour or voltage < 12.4V.
  • STANDBY MODE – Monitoring voltage, turns back on if vehicle battery voltage increases above 13.3V.
  • AGM / LFP MONITOR - LED blink every 5 seconds if battery charge ≥ 50% , sufficient to start vehicle engine.
    • LED LFP: 13.1V to 13.3V.
    • LED AGM: 12.4V to 13.1V.
    • NO LED < 12.4V.
  • OFF ≤ 9V

STYLE: Fully enclosed electronic circuitry with multiple LEDs, unique seal and cap design for USB socket ; use any USB cable, seals when inserted.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty


Version 2 

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VERSION of O-100Version 1Version 2Version 3
Ideal for vehicle battery type12V AGM, GEL, STD lead-acid.12V AGM, GEL, STD lead-acid.12.8V LiFePO4.
12V AGM, GEL, STD lead-acid.
Voltage level that trigger stand-by countdown timer (engine OFF / vehicle charge voltage too low)13V13.3V
Time before going to stand-by (engine OFF, USB charge ON)3 hours1 hour
Low voltage over-ride (will force stand-by mode / turn off immediately)< 12.3V< 12.3V

< 12.4V
Stand-by / battery monitor mode (LED flash every 5 seconds)LED2 (blue) 12.4V – 13V
LED1 (red) < 12.4V
LED ‘LFP’ 13.1V – 13.3V
LED ‘AGM’ 12.4V – 13.1V
Voltage when USB ON after standby (engine ON, vehicle battery charging, USB turns ON)≥ 12.4V≥ 13V≥ 13.3V

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