OptiMate USB O-114

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USB Smart 3300mA dual output charger, with BIKE socket.

The portable 3300mA Dual USB charger with USB-A and USB-C port, with 90° elbow BIKE plug connector that fits your BMW and Triumph motorcyclecharge your phone, GPS, camera or tablet!

O-118 motorcycle USB c charger cable length + O-31 battery cable extension.
1x USB-A port and 1x USB-C port90° elbow DIN plug!


3300mA motorcycle usb c charger at 5V.
Powerful 3300mA charge current delivered from USB-C port or current is shared if USB-A port is also used Fast and safe recharging for all USB-C and USB-A devices!


The O-118 motorcycle usb c charger is ideal for connection to 12V AGM & 12.8V LiFeP04 / LFP lithium batteries, found in your motorcycle.The O-118 motorcycle usb c charger charges your phone, GPS, camera or tablet.
Works on your BMW or Triumph fitted with a modern 12V battery, lead-acid (Pb / AGM) or lithium-Ion (LiFePO4 / LFP) –
does not drain the battery when vehicle is parked!



Vehicle battery Volts ≥ 13.3V: USB on.
Built in protection turns off USB charging after 1 hour to prevent your parked vehicle’s battery from draining.
Rated for normal T° and outdoor use.


Lithium-Ion 12V/12.8V/13.2V batteries hold a higher voltage than lead-acid (Pb / AGM) when the vehicle is parked and it takes longer to drop down to a level that is normal for a parked vehicle. The stand-by mode protection will turn off the USB when the voltage drops below 13.3V which is a 90% State Of Charge for lithium-ion (LFP). Your lithium (LFP) battery will remain at that level as the USB is in stand-by mode. (NOTE: Lithium delivers full cranking amps from 30% (13V) to 100% (13.6V) State Of Charge)

It will draw approximately 1mA and will turn off one hour after the parked vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 13.3V.




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Fast charge 2 of your mobile devices at the same time.  Charge a combination of your phone, GPS, camera & tablet from your BMW, Triumph or Victory motorcycle with a standard BIKE power socket.



POWER (INPUT): Vehicle 12V system with 12V lead-acid or 12.8V lithium battery.


POWER (OUTPUT): 3300mA @5V

OPERATION: fully automatic

Vehicle battery protection: AUTO off 1 hours after engine stopped or if battery voltage drops below 12.4V
Turns on if vehicle battery voltage increases above 13.3V.
Short circuit, overheat, over-voltage protection.


USB ON - 13.3V to 18V – unlimited USB output, USB LED on. Delivers USB power when vehicle engine is charging battery.
USB 1 HOUR - 12.4V to 13.3V – 1 hour USB output, USB LED on. Go to standby mode after 1 hour or voltage < 12.4V.
STANDBY MODE – Monitoring voltage, turns back on if vehicle battery voltage increases above 13.3V.
OFF ≤ 9V

STYLE: Fully enclosed electronic circuitry with blue LED, unique seal and cap design for USB sockets ; use any USB cable, seals when inserted.

WARRANTY: 3-year limited replacement warranty

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