Smart Chargers

silver series smart chargers

Smarter chargers with more power and capabilities.

These Silver Series smart chargers can desulphate low volt batteries and automatically save, charge & maintain.


Motorcycle / powersports:


Automotive / marine:


Multi-bank chargers:



Silver Series Smart Chargers FAQ

The Silver series chargers will charge and maintain the battery, but will also test it to make sure it gets the care it needs, and have the ability to SAVE discharged, sulphated batteries.

Yes, we still keep them very easy to use, but on some models you will need to select the correct charge Voltage.

Yes, the silver option does exist for all vehicles with 12V batteries.

Yes, the Silver series introduces the SAVE program, a specially made program to recover flat / dead batteries in a safe way.

No, therefore OptiMate had introduced a Lithium series chargers with specific features for Lithium-ion LFP batteries. We recommend to only use a Lithium-ion LFP specific battery charger to charge your 12V Lithium-ion LFP battery.

When charging, the voltage is adjusted higher when colder and lower when hotter.

Charging needs to be temperature compensated to improve battery care.