OptiMate USB O-112

MSRP $9.90

Universal Charge Cable USB micro

Micro USB charging cable – Fast charge your android, wireless and gaming devices!

  • Includes 40″/100cm USB to USB extention cable!
  • A universal charge cable.
  • Includes weatherproof rubber seal for heavy duty SAE connector 
  • Industry standard durability – Built to last!



MSRP = Manufacturer Recommended Retail Pricing. Price in EURO and GBP include VAT of 20%. VAT in your region may differ. Price in USD and CAD do not include sales tax.


SKU: O-112
MSRP USD $9.90
SKU: O-112
MSRP CAD $13.99
SKU: O-112
MSRP EUR €10.90
SKU: O-112
MSRP GBP £9.99


Universal Charge Cable USB micro

Charge your Android or Microsoft phone or tablet, camera or blue tooth communication device with our Universal USB micro Charge Cable.

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